LIVE : The 2017 Audi Cup on Dailymotion

The 2017 Audi Cup will be the fifth edition of the Audi Cup, a two-day association football tournament that will feature four teams and be played at the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany. The competition will feature the hosts and 2015 winners Bayern Munich, Spanish side Atlético Madrid, English side Liverpool, and Italian side S.S.C. Napoli


Semi-finals : 1 August 2017 
5:45PM – Atlético Madrid v Napoli
8:30PM – Bayern Munich Germany vs Liverpool

Third place play-off : 2 August 2017 
5:45PM – Losers of semi-final 1 v Losers of semi-final 2

Final : 2 August 2017 
8:30PM – Winners of semi-final 1 v Winners of semi-final 2