Dailymotion Partners with Korea’s Largest MCN Network, DIA TV


Dailymotion and DIA TV, Korea’s largest network of digital content creators operated by CJ E&M, have officially announced their partnership. The collaboration sees the launch of DIA TV’s very own channel with content from more than 50 top creators of K-beauty, food, and kids content, including SSIN, SOF, Cuckoo Crew and Banzz.

Korea has been known as a hotbed for content over the last ten years, especially with the emergence and growth of  “Hallyu”. Entertainment companies and content creators have been leading the trend with bite-sized content that matters to millennials.  To date, DIA TV has more than 800 creators, twice more than in 2015. With over 40 million subscribers and more than 1 billion views on YouTube per month, DIA TV is shifting gears from MCN to MPN (multi-platform network) DIA TV’s Hwang Hyung-jun, Managing Director, said : “It was not an easy task to expand the market overseas with a limited number of traditional media. However, as a variety of video platforms, like YouTube exists, the whole world is the potential market for us” and “we will lead the future of Korean market through establishing a healthy ecosystem with independent content producers, or creators.”

On Dailymotion, one of the world’s largest video platforms, Korea is ranked within the top 10 markets, generating about 190M video views per month, with a wide variety of content ranging from TV, music, news, lifestyle & variety. Multi-channel networks are one of the primary focus of its content strategy in Asia. Antoine Nazaret, Head of Content for Asia said: “We are very proud to collaborate with DIA TV as we see a strong potential for these unique categories of content to travel outside Korea, to other parts of Asia and globally.”

Dailymotion and DIA TV will also collaborate with its creators on some original content, which will be shown exclusively on Dailymotion, for a specific window period. Antoine Nazaret added: “ We believe a valuable partnership with creators equals accompanying them every step of the way on their digital journey, meaning that their great content should be available on multiple platforms, exposed to as many users as possible, all around the world.”

To date, Dailymotion has more than 3.5 billion views and 300 million unique viewers per month, with almost half of its traffic from Asia Pacific. DIA TV’s Hwang Hyung-jun, Mananging Director added: “DIA TV has been pushing itself forward to make an effective structure to connect creators’ talent in producing contents with revenue stream. Furthermore, we are having strategic partnerships with other outstanding media and MCN companies in other countries to help DIA TV creators to expand their presence and promote their content internationally.”

In the coming weeks, we will expect to see more DIA TV content on the platform, with an aim to grow and provide a premium VOD platform offering for MCN content for viewers all over the world.