A Special Father’s Day Shoutout

Every 3rd Sunday in June, in honor of our dads, we celebrate Fathers’ Day. The tradition first began in 1910 and was apparently an idea that sprung from Mrs Sonora Dodd, daughter of American Civil War Veteran, William Jackson Smart.

On this day, it is time to give thanks to fathers who have made a huge impact in their children’s lives. Teen Vogue captured some of the cutest Celebrity Daddy-Daughter Moments and we’re pretty sure there was sizeable impact on these little young ladies.

Celebrating Fathers’ Day in typical fashion includes giving cards, gifts and flowers. Some dine out or spend quality time with their Dads. Yet, there are some countries that have preserved their very own Fathers’ Day traditions. Here’s a quick look at some of them:

Regardless of how you celebrate, the goal of the day is to make your dad feel special. Because they are the greatest superheroes who would do anything for you..


Have you wished your dad a “Happy Fathers’ Day” yet?