Jason London mugshot


5 at 5: Adele-step, El Plato Supreme, Mustache Implants

31 January 2013

Today's top videos include master dubstep dancer doing his thing to Adele's "Set Fire", Samsung Mobile's commercial for the "Big Game", a new live action trailer for the TV show / video game Defiance, lip fur surgery, and Randall "Pink" Floyd hitting yet another rock bottom.

Ray Lewis deposition


5 at 5: Ray Lewis Deposition, Double Arm Transplant, Killer Cats

30 January 2013

We have Ray Lewis getting grilled about his involvment in the murder from 13 years ago, The Flaming Lips Super Bowl commercial, a guy whose wife most likely slept with Will Ferrell's character in Wedding Crashers, the precursor to Darth Vader, and the truth finally coming out about cats.