404 errors ?

It’s neither a psychology test nor a delirious geek trip 😉

At Dailymotion, we got it into our heads to customize our 404 pages with your videos!
A special group called “404 page not found” was created for the occasion.

Participating is simple:

  1. Create a funny video with your camera or your webcam – make sure it is less than 5 seconds.
  2. Add it to your Dailymotion account
  3. Subscribe to the group “404 page not found“.
  4. Finally, add your video to the 404 group!

A video is randomly selected from the group to play each time a user winds up at the 404 page.

Your 404 video could be shown the next time someone hits a dead end!

An example : http://www.dailymotion.com/a_not_found_page

404 error

Recommendations :

  • Raise your shoulders and wrinkle your eyebrows in astonishment.
  • Make a video of your 404 tattoo!
  • Do something more creative and unexpected with the numbers “404”.
  • The sky’s the limit – show us any interpretation of “lost”, “disappeared”, “empty”, whatever!

Do you take your 404 errors laying down – or do you do something about them?