Dailymotion to further key partnership with Korea’s leading livestreaming platform, Afreecatv

In 2016 Dailymotion decided to enter a key partnership with AfreecaTV – South Korea’s leading livestreaming platform with a strong focus on gaming and esports. This new partnership significantly enriched Dailymotion’s gaming content offering, broadcasting some of AfreecaTV’s top programs such as the prestigious Global StarCraft II League (GSL) on Dailymotion (www.dailymotion.com/afreecatv).

Building up on this successful cooperation, the two platforms have decided to bring new state-of-the-art gaming content to the world. Ranging from personal streams of individual players and talk shows to broadcasts of esports competitions, AfreecaTV’s Dailymotion channel will further connect the best of esports and gaming in South Korea today with Dailymotion’s global community of 300 million viewers.

Antoine Nazaret, Dailymotion’s Head of Content for Asia Pacific, said: “We are absolutely thrilled to deepen our partnership with AfreecaTV. There is no question that South Korea today is one of the epicenters of the gaming and esports world. Furthering a partnership with one of the country’s leading gaming platforms will give Dailymotion’s users access to a top quality, diverse catalogue of gaming content. It will allow AfreecaTV to continue expanding the reach of its audience and open new streams of content monetization. The expansion of this key partnership sends a strong signal with regard to Dailymotion’s involvement in Asia Pacific’s gaming space.”

Youl Park, AfreecaTV’s Director of Global Business stated that “We are very excited to further cooperating with Dailymotion. By deepening this partnership, AfreecaTV looks forward to bringing new high quality esports and gaming content to Dailymotion’s community. We will continue to support our users in creating live content, that people from all around the world can enjoy and share. We believe that a continuous partnership with Dailymotion can offer more opportunities to access our interactive content.”AfreecaTV_logo

More about AfreecaTV
AfreecaTV is a live streaming social media platform that anyone from anywhere can use to broadcast live at any time. Founded in 2006 in South Korea, AfreecaTV is loved by users for its easy access on both PC and smart devices. In order to directly engage esports communities, AfreecaTV has acquired a pro esports team, Afreeca Freecs, and an esports studio, FreecUP, located in Seoul, South Korea. Not limited to popular gaming content, AfreecaTV also actively provides sports, Mokbang (eating shows), beauty, education, trading, e-commerce, and more content for the enjoyment of its diverse viewers. AfreecaTV has a global outreach through its overseas offices in Japan, the U.S., Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Thailand.