Beta-launch of a copyrighted video detection tool

Upon the request of entertainment industry copyright holders, we have recently beta-launched a tool which allows us to identify copyrighted content and to prevent its publication on Dailymotion.

This solution, which has been developed by Audible Magic, allow us to detect copyrighted videos and to isolate them from other videos for which our users and media partners hold distribution rights. This tool is automatic, and as such, as soon as a video is submitted to the site, a fingerprint is created for the file and sent to a database of similar fingerprints provided by copyright holders. If the uploaded file matches a protected file within the database, the video is not published on the site. In the event that an agreement exists with the copyright holder, we will be able to propose to our users that their file be replaced online by the original version.

The launch of this tool is part of our collaborative strategy with content creators to make Dailymotion a destination where web users and creators can maximize their interaction.

We are aware that the testing of this tool may pose certain problems to our users. For example, slideshows or videos featuring lip syncing may well be blocked by the system because the music featured in the video is currently protected under copyright law. In order to work around this problem, we are currently studying a tool which would offer the possibility to replace the copyright-protected music in a user’s film with an alternate soundtrack, from a selection of titles available within the public domain or whose distribution rights have been negotiated with our partners.

Please rest assured that throughout the testing phase of this tool, we shall do our best that it respects Dailymotion’s vision to develop an independent and open site, providing a place where users of all talents can express themselves.


This tool does not yet affect videos published before its launch. Older videos will be subject to Audible Magic control once the test is finished.