Dailymotion Tour on MiniZ

26 September 2006

Dailymotion blogged video Dailymotion Tour on MiniZ Vidéo envoyée par Youpinadi Nadir our crazy driver is letting you discover our […]


What a ZOOM !

18 September 2006

Hello there, Did you see the new Zoom ? It is now full screen ! It looks like we’re at […]


Image Plumbing

21 August 2006

Hi there, As you can see, we’re currently working on the thumbnails. Don’t worry, they’ll come back in a few […]


Bad Day

9 August 2006

Hello there, We are sorry for the outages yesterday. We had an overload and one of our servers crashed. But […]


Choose your size !

24 June 2006

Hello there, We’re sure that you’ve noticed it but you can now choose the size of the embeddable player in […]


Si si , on bosse !

14 April 2006

Dailymotion blogged video juste genial Vidéo envoyée par Youpinadi test d’un petit plugin creative plutot cool.